Blog Tour – Slow Motion

Slow Motion

By Jennifer Pierce

Published by Unbound

What’s it about?

Westview belongs on a postcard. Quaint, picture-perfect, a tiny New Englandtown steeped in history and traditions.

Angela has always been everything people in Westview want her to be. She’s supposed to be happy here, but she’s starting to see all the flaws in her
seemingly-perfect life and she’s afraid that everyone else will notice, too. Now,
she wants something more than small towns, something bigger than the life
planned out for her by a family that has designed and destroyed reputations in
Westview for generations.

Owen knows that history can be a lot of lies depending on who tells the story
and he’s just discovered the truth about how Westview became a drowned
town a century ago. But all he wants is to run away from his own past, from the bad decisions he’s made and the tragedies still haunting him. He’s focused on the future and proving people wrong, even though that means keeping secrets from his friends.

Long before they understood the rumours and grudges that rule their
hometown, Angela and Owen were friends for one perfect summer. Now, as they navigate their senior year of high school and Westview celebrates its
Tricentennial, they are reunited, discovering truths about themselves, each other, and the ways their community has been shaped by secrets, lies, and a devastating obsession with perfection.

What I think:

This blog tour was delayed from February and it was so worth the wait. This is the kind of YA book I would have loved as a teen and endlessly re-read.

Lots of bestselling YA at the moment is fast-paced thriller or fantasy romances. This is something different and it stands out from the crowd.

Set in New England in a picture prefect town small town where wealth and reputation are all important, Slow Motion tells the story of Angela Witney’s senior year at high school.

Rich and beautiful, Angela’s family built the town. They are on the town council and every local committee; they donate money to local causes and paid for school buildings. Everyone in town knows who she is.

The legacy if her family is weighing heavily on Angelanas she navigates her final year at school and plans for college. She smiles through parties, traditions and galas and everyone around is determined to make this a year to remember. And yet Angela is desperately unhappy. She wants to find herself and leave Westview instead of feeling trapped.

Owen’s also has mixed feelings about the town. But unlike Angela, his family have a bad reputation. As he struggles to come to turns with his own family legacies he wants to fit in.

The friendship between them develops slowly as they each find someone they can trust with all parts of themselves.

Slow Motion is the perfect title for this book. The writing is descriptive and evocative. The writer has done a remarkable job if conveying the claustrophobic atmosphere of the small town and the fragmentation of friendship groups as children become young adults.

Both Owen and Angela are searching for acceptance it a town that has strict and unwavering expectations.Slow Motion immerses the reader in their world for a year in which so much changes while everything remains the same.

This book is absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking and will stay with you long after the final page.

Thank you to Unbound for the gifted copy if the book and to Anne Cater from Random Things Tours for inviting me to job this wonderful blog tour.

About the author:

Jennifer Pierce is a graduate of Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, where she earned a degree in Creative Writing & Literature. Upon graduation, she moved to England to obtain her Master’s in Publishing at Oxford Brookes University.

Jennifer has worked with lifestyle websites and academic publishers
in Ireland, England, and the United States. She is currently an Editorial Project Manager at Elsevier and resides in Boston. Slow Motion is her first novel.

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