Blog Tour- Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

By C. S. Green

Published by Harper Fiction March 2021

What it’s about?

The nightmare is only just beginning…

When DC Rose Gifford is called to investigate the death of a young woman suffocated in her bed, she can’t shake the feeling that there’s more to the crime than meets the eye.

It looks like a straightforward crime scene – but the police can’t find the killer. Enter DS Moony – an eccentric older detective who runs UCIT, a secret department of the Met set up to solve supernatural crimes. Moony wants Rose to help her out – but Rose doesn’t believe in any of that.

Does she?

As the killer prepares to strike again, Rose must pick a side – before a second woman dies.

What I think:

Well this is one clever and creepy thriller.

What starts as a locked-room mystery with a young woman being killed in her sleep in a locked bedroom, turns into something far, far darker.

D.C. Rose Gifford is such an interesting character. Throughout the book the reader is given pieces of her back story and motives for joining the police. Lonely and neglected, as a young girl Rose saw the police as something that could provide security and hope; As an adult it gives her purpose and community.

As the crime investigation proceeds Rose is forced to face some truths about her life that she has denied for years. But accepting the truth means she is going to have to change the way she looks at everything in the world. While everyone is haunted by the past, Rose is literally being haunted by her dead mother. And her ability to see the dead could help her police career in surprising ways.

DS Moony and the small team of staff at UCIT open Rose’s eyes and by looking at the case in a different way she is able to come to some surprising and terrifying conclusions.

This is a great mystery: A police procedural crime novel with a sinister supernatural twist.

About the author:

C.S Green is the pseudonym for Sunday Times and ebook bestseller Cass Green.

Her debut adult novel The Woman Next Door was a No.1 e-book bestseller and her second, In A Cottage, In A Wood was a Sunday Times top ten and USA Today bestseller. Don’t You Cry was her third standalone thriller.

She is the Writer in Residence at East Barnet School and teaches crime fiction at City University and children’s fiction for Writers and Artist’s Yearbook.

Thanks to Jennifer Harlow at Harper Collins for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour and gifting me a copy of the book. The hardback of Sleep Tight is out now.

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