The Wedding Dress Christmas

The Wedding Dress Christmas

By Rachel Hauck

Published by Hauck House

What it’s about?

Jojo Castle has headed back to her home town Hearts Bend, Tennessee. A traumatic experience in Dallas sees her heading for comfort and security and a job at her cousin Haley’s wedding dress shop.

Buck Mathews, a country superstar is headed back to his home town to support his family and hopefully love.

Their love for each other is unrequited, but obvious to every who knows them. But their goals and lifestyles are very different.

With some Christmas spirit and a magical wedding dress maybe this year there will be a lot to celebrate…

What I think:

This is a lovely, romantic novella. The book equivalent of a Hallmark movie.

Buck and Jojo and both gorgeous, both loved by the town and both engaging and appealing characters. It’s not a matter of if they belong together, just when it will happen.

This is the wedding dress equivalent of the Sisiterhood of the Travelling Pants. The magical dress chooses its next wearer and is always the perfect size and style to suit the bride.

This is pure escapist romance, perfect for reading under a blanket with a hot chocolate this holiday season.

Thank you Netgalley for this digital copy in return for an honest review.

If you fancy spending the holidays with The Wedding Dress Christmas, head to: click here

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