Library Fridays – Am I Yours?

Am I Yours?

By Alex Latimer

Published by Oxford University Press

What’s it about?

A storm blows an egg out of its nest and all the dinosaurs try and work out which kind of dinosaur is growing inside so that they can get him home.

Will the dinosaurs work it out in time?

What we think?

Now I’m pretty fluent with dinosaur names, dino books no longer fill me with dread!

This is a rhyming story featuring lots of favourite dinosaurs – triceratops, brachiosaurus and tyrannosaurus all inspect the egg.

The Little Monster says, (Spoiler alert)

I like it when the pterodactyl hatches and finds his mummy. It’s cute. And I like blue dinosaurs. Blue’s my favourite.

Am I yours? Is heading back to the library tomorrow, but you can get a copy at:

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Am I Yours?
Anyone missing an egg?
We love a triceratops!
A happy ending! 💛🧡💛