The Polar Bear Who saved Christmas

The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas

By Fiona Boon and Clare Fennel

Published by Make Believe Ideas

We were given The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas last year but a year older and we are enjoying it more.

Pip is a polar bear cub who loves Christmas. When he hears what he thinks is Santa’s sleigh going past he follows the track. As the snow continues to fall he gets lost and find himself at the elf village where Santa’s reindeer have a crisis.

Pip has a magical adventure helping Santa delivering the presents.

This is short but sweet book. The illustrations and background collages are very pretty and the cover is also sparkly.

The Little Monster says, “I look this book because he flies. And I like it when he falls down into his home.”

I’ve had a quick look online and The Polar Bear Who Saves Christmas might be tricky to find online as it’s a few years old. It’s definitely worth a read if you see it on your book store travels.

The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas
One nosy polar bear cub
A Christmas crisis!
Santa’s new helper

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