Popsugar Reading Challenge: Book 35

Prompt: Two books with the same title

Back in January I read The Snow Angel by Lauren St John, a Carnegie nominated children’s book that tells the story of Makena, a young girl from Kenya whose life is turned upside down and finds herself living in the slums of Nairobi, There’s so many layers to this story, but it’s really about hope, survival and appreciating the magic of every day.

This week I finally managed to read the second book, The Snow Angel by Lulu Taylor.

What it’s about?

Like many society women, 1960’s debutante, Cressida Fellbridge, has her portrait painted. When she meets the artist, Ralph Few, the attraction is instant and mutual. The problem is that Ralph is already married to the charismatic Catherine and she is not going to let him go easily. As Catherine’s behaviour get stranger, Cressida and Ralph escape to the Fellbridge’s isolated family home in Cumbria. But how long can they stay hidden?

In present day London Emily Conway has everything, wealthy husband, large home and beautiful children. A revelation and shocking accident destroy Emily’s life as she knows. As she recovers from her injuries and plans for her family’s survival she is unexpectedly left a house in Cumbria, by a woman she has never met. Who is the mysterious woman and how does her story link to Emily’s.

What I think:

This is riveting read about two women living in very different times. Cressida feels trapped by the confines of society’s expectations and wants more independence than her conventional father will allow. She is looking for more excitement and romance so her infatuation with Ralph is inevitable. Emily has to rebuild her life by herself after the betrayal of her husband.

The individual stories are engaging and I warmed to both the characters. Inheriting a house from a long-lost relative you’ve never met is a bit of a family saga cliche, by this was done well. The secrets hidden in the house were just about believable enough. The second half of the book loses it’s way a little with the focus on Emily’s brother Tom, whose mental health issues and demands be included in the inheritance are a bit distracting – there’s no way he would be doing so much baby-sitting for my children!

I’ve read other books by Lulu Taylor that I have enjoyed more, but this was a good read and with the end of the year fast approaching I’m pleased to be able to type off another prompt.

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