Library Fridays – The Night Watch Ninjas

The Night Watch Ninjas

By Lily Roscoe

Illustrated by Lisa Barlow and Damien Barlow

Published by Simon and Schuster Children’s UK 2018

What it’s about?

An intrepid band of animal ninjas work to keep the streets safe. One night their midnight snack is interrupted to by a newsflash. Arch villain, Stinker the Stink-meister Smellykins Skunk, is attacking the town with the most vile stink bombs known to man. The ninjas have to work together to protect the town and get the stinky bad guy behind bars.

What we think:

This book has everything that the Little Monster loves at the moment: Ninjas, rescue missions and lots of stink!

The toxic bottom of destruction is absolutely hilarious!

There are a couple of tricky plot twists that make the rescue more difficult for the Night Watch Ninjas that really hold his attention even when it has been read repeatedly.

The illustrations are fantastic – really bright and bold and convey the scenes clearly.

Spoiler alert!

The Stink-meister escapes at the end and I like that things don’t quite work out and that the Ninjas fail in this part of their mission. So many things we read and watch the rescues are extremely successful and everyone is triumph so it’s good message that sometimes you have to try harder to be successful.

This book is due back at the weekend, but I have a feeling that we are going to be renewing it as it this month’s most requested. I really hope that this becomes a series as we would love to see more of the Night Watch Ninjas and their adventures.

Even though the Little Monster now regularly shouts, “Smell you later. Mummy!”

To fill your own house with toxic stench head to:

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The Night Watch Ninjas
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