The Last Party at Silverton Hall

The Last Party at Silverton Hall

By Rachel Burton

What it’s about?

From Netgalley

A gripping and heartbreaking tale of family, duty and the secrets we keep from those we love most. Perfect for fans of Rachel Hore, Lorna Cook and Kathryn Hughes.

Two women. Two centuries. A life-changing night…

1952: Vivien and Max collide in the thick London smog. Within a few years, their whirlwind romance sees them living a quiet life on the Norfolk coast, blissfully happy with their beautiful daughter – at least, that’s how it appears…

2019: Isobel is hoping for a fresh start when she inherits her beloved grandmother Vivien’s house in Silverton Bay. But when she discovers an old photograph of Vivien at one of the infamous parties held at Silverton Hall in the 1950s, Isobel is forced to question how well she really knew her grandmother. Silverton Hall is a place Vivien swore she never went and never would – but why would she lie? And what other secrets was she keeping?

Together with an old friend, Isobel searches for answers. But is she prepared for the truth?

What I think:

This was such an engrossing read as soon as I started. I was completely invested in the characters’ stories and could not put it down.

The dual timeline narrative is really well done. In 1952, Vivien is swept off her feet by Max. Dashing and rich, she can’t believe her luck, but marriage is not what she had thought it would be.

In 2019, Isobel has inherited the house, ‘Little Clarion’ after Vivien’s death. She returns to the Norfolk Coast for a fresh start but soon finds that the house needs a lot of work and the perfect person to help her is Nick, her teenage crush.

This is a book full of secrets. Vivien has avoided Silverton Hall and swore she had never been, and yet there are photographs of her at the legendary summer parties.

Isobel needs to understand her past if she is going to be happy. With the help of Vivien’s diary, she uncovers the secrets of the past and reconnects with her own mother.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The chapters in the 1950s are beautifully written and atmospheric. And I really enjoyed Isobel’s developing relationship with both Nick and her parents.

Overall, this was a great read that I would definitely recommend it. Thank you to Netgalley for my gifted digital copy.

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