Popsugar Reading Challenge 2023 Prompt #14

A Single Thread of Moonlight is a modern twist on the Cinderella story. I have loved period books written by Laura Wood, so this fitted the bill perfectly. The book was on my wishlist, and I was lucky enough to be sent a copy by my Secret Valentine Elf in a recent book swap.

What it’s about?

From Goodreads

Iris Grey’s childhood was idyllic… until her father remarried. Iris’s new stepmother and two stepsisters were cold-hearted schemers, and when her father dies in mysterious circumstances, Iris knows that something is wrong. Far too spirited to be forced into a life of servitude, she runs away to London. When she crosses paths with handsome, clever and cold Nicholas Wynter, Iris realises that this is her moment for revenge. Together they plot the downfall of their enemies – but the pair begin to find they have more in common than a desire for justice.

Will their spark burn bright or will it be extinguished in the flames of their ambition?

What I think:

This was an absolute page turner. I love Wood’s writing and ability to make you care about the characters from the very first page.

There are lots of Cinderella tropes for fans of a fairytale retelling. Iris has lost everything after the death of her father. Her horrid stepmother, Lady Scott-Holland, has claimed the inheritance and pushing for social advancement by marrying her beautiful but scheming daughter to a prince. There are beautiful gowns and balls and various character who could claim the role of fairy godmother.

Iris is convinced to help Lord Nicholas Wynter in his scheme to seek revenge, a plan that will also give her a chance to prove the Lady Scott-Holland killed her father and allow Iris to reclaim her inheritance.

This is frothy and improbable but absolutely delightful.

There is such a spark between Iris and Nick, it is clear that each has met their match.

Iris uncovers lots of truths about her past, not all of them what she was expecting to find.

Being a fairytale, there are lots of happy endings, and the villains get their comeuppance. There is nothing particularly original in the plot, but the characters are wonderful. There are lots of beautifully set pieces and the dialogue and spark between Iris and Nick is delightful.

This is a gem of a YA historical romance that is definitely heading for the shelf on my classroom library.

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