Blog Tour – Chaos at Carnegie Hall

Chaos at Carnegie Hall

By Kelly Oliver

What it’s about?

Agatha Christie meets Downton Abbey in the Fiona Figg and Kitty Lane Mystery series opener.
Can Fiona catch a killer and find a decent cup of tea before her mustache wax melts?

  1. New York.

Chaos at Carnegie Hall
Agatha Christie meets Downton Abbey in the Fiona Figg and Kitty Lane Mystery series opener.
Can Fiona catch a killer and find a decent cup of tea before her mustache wax melts?

Notorious spy, Fredrick Fredricks, has invited Fiona to Carnegie Hall to hear a famous soprano. It’s an opportunity the War Office can’t turn down. Fiona and Clifford are soon on their way, but not before Fiona is saddled with chaperon duties for Captain Hall’s niece.

Is Fiona a spy or a glorified babysitter?

From the minute Fiona meets the soprano aboard the RMS Adriatic it’s treble on the high C’s. Fiona  sees something—or someone—thrown overboard, and then she overhears a chemist plotting in  German with one of her own countrymen!

And the trouble doesn’t stop when they disembark. Soon Fiona is doing time with a group of  suffragettes and investigating America’s most impressive inventor Thomas Edison.

When her number one suspect turns up dead at the opera and Fredrick Fredricks is caught red-
handed, it looks like it’s finally curtains for the notorious spy.

But all the evidence points to his innocence. Will Fiona change her tune and clear her nemesis’ 
name? Or will she do her duty? And just what is she going to do with the pesky Kitty Lane? Not to 
mention swoon-worthy Archie Somersby . . .

If Fiona’s going to come out on top, she’s going to have to make the most difficult decision of her 
life: the choice between her head and her heart.

What I think:

This is such a fun book!

It’s the fourth book in the Fiona Figg series. I haven’t read the previous books but any essential backstory is filled in enough for you to catch up.

Fiona is such a great character. She is smart and plucky and not afraid to put herself in potentially dangerous situations to get to the truth.

She’s pursuing Fredrick Fredricks, notorious and very charming spy. Fredricks finds himself accused of murder and Fiona finds herself conflicted as she has to prove he is actually innocent in order to find the real killer.

Sounds simple enough. But she’s also baby sitting Captain Hall’s niece, looking after a dog and finding herself in the middle of suffragette marches.

Fiona loves the excitement and sense adventure from her undercover role. I loved her use of disguises and costumes – dressing as a man hives her access to people and rooms that she would be  barred from as a woman.

There’s lots of real historical people featured in the book. Thomas Edison, Dorothy Parker and J  Edgar Hoover are among the figures Fiona has to deal with along the way.

This was different to your average cost mystery as it is more spy adventure than simple murder mystery. Lots of fun characters, fizzy dialogue and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

About the author:

Kelly Oliver is the award-winning, bestselling author of three mysteries series: The Jessica James Mysteries, The Pet Detective Mysteries, and the historical cozies The Fiona Figg Mysteries, set inWW1.

She is also the Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University and lives in
Nashville, Tennessee. She is bringing new titles in the Fiona Figg series to Boldwood, the first of
which, Chaos in Carnegie Hall, will be published in November 2022.

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Thank you to Boldwood Books for my gufted copy of the book and to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to be a part of this fun blog tour. Check out the rest of the stops.

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