Netgalley November

It’s that time if year again! A month focus on clearing the virtual TBR on the Netgalley shelves.

I have joined Never Ending Netgalley’s social media challenge to read as many of my shelf as possible.

To be honest my Netgalley backlog is not as staggeringly huge as some of the others I have seen, but there are definitely some books that are long overdue a read.

As well as getting stats up and unread books down, there is a bingo challenge. 9 prompts to try and fit your books around:

Here is my aspirational bingo card:

Newest Approved: The Garnett Girls by Georgina Moore

Published this year: The Winter Garden by Nicola Cornick

New to you author: The Witch’s Tree by Elena Collins

Most anticipated: Christmas at the Village Sewing Shop by Helen Rolfe

Buddy Read: The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn

Green Cover: The Summer Job by Lizzy Dent

Title beginning with N: The Naughty or Nuce Clause by Kate Callaghan

One you’ve been putting off: The Love Curse of Melody Mcintyre by Robin Talley

Oldest approved: The Mercies by Kirwan Millwood Hargrave

Be interesting to see how the month goes and how many books get ticked off the list.

Good luck if you are taking part too!

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