Popsugar Reading Challenge 2022 Book 13

Hadn’t planned a book for this one. My plan was to see if anything I read this year fitted the bill. The lovely people at Avon Books sent me a proof copy of One Last Letter From Greece by Emma Cowell which is full of Greek phrases and ticked this prompt off the list.

What it’s about?

Devastated by her mother’s death, Sophie longs to get away from an empty house full of memories and a life that hasn’t quite turned out as she had imagined.

So when a chance discovery among her mother’s belongings hints at a past Sophie knows nothing of, she jumps at the opportunity for escape and a chance to heal. The magical, idyllic Greek town of Methoni awaits…

But Sophie – determined to uncover her mother’s secrets – is about to discover so much more. Among the tranquil waters and cozy tavernas, Methoni’s locals offer Sophie the answers she craves, along with unexpected romance and, if she’ll take it, a chance at her own happiness…

What I think:

This books is a love letter to Greece.

I found this book really easy to get into. Sophie is devastated by her mother’s death. Having put her own life on hold to look after her, she has to decide what to do next. Finding some love letters and mementoes from Greece, Sophie sets off on a quest to find a missing painting that her mother painted years before.

Sophie finds such a warm welcome in Greece. The family she stays with are so kind and warm – before long she is making genuine connections in Greece.

Still working through a traumatic past and abusive relationship, love is the last thing Sophie is looking for, but Greece works it’s magic and when she meets Theo there is instant chemistry.

The story of Sophie’s mother soon becomes tied up with Sophie’s own future. This is a book about love, family and the decisions that we are forced to make.

This is an emotional read with some interesting characters. Both Sophie and Theo have to let go of their fears to make a future together, and Sophie also has to deal with events in London, issues with her best friend and an ex-boyfriend.

One Last Letter from Greece is out in May and will make perfect summer reading. You will definitely want to pack your bags and head off to the Greek Islands!

Thank you to Avon books for an advanced proof copy.

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