Library Fridays – Mrs Mole, I’m Home!

Mrs Mole, I’m Home

By Jarvis

What it’s about?

From Jarvis, the creator of Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth, comes another truly unmissable, hilarious adventure about a daddy mole who has mislaid his spectacles. Morris can’t find them anywhere.

So, he decides to go on without them, trusting his instincts to lead him the right way home to his waiting family and delicious dinner of worm noodles.

“Mrs Mole, I’m homeeee!” he sings … as he burrows right into some poor unsuspecting rabbit family’s hole. Oh dear. Without his spectacles, Morris really can’t see a single thing – how will he ever get home?

With perfect comic timing and a whole lot of heart, Jarvis will have all readers rooting for Morris to find his family, and rejoicing in the idea that – glasses or no glasses – you can always make your way back to home sweet home.

What we think:

Mrs Mole, I’m Home is one of our current library books and a firm bedtime favourite over the last couple of weeks.

The Little Monster chose this because we love moles! As soon as he saw a Mole on the cover he picked it up straight away.

This is such a fun book! Mr Mole ends a busy day working at Gordon Ratzy’s restaurant and heads home. When he can’t find his glasses he decides he knows his way home well enough and off he burrows.

Up he pops!

But he is never quite where he wants to be! He ends up interrupting rabbits, disturbing owls, freezing with the penguins and nearly getting eaten by crocodiles – that’s one of the Little Monster’s favourite bits!

Finally, the smell of worm noodles lures him in the right direction and he makes it back to his family.

He promises that it will never happen again. But…

This is a genuinely funny picture book with absolutely fantastic illustrations. There are loads of details that will appeal to parents as well as kids. I love the attention to detail and the puns on the owl’s reading books.

This was a really great choice and I’m sure will we renew this one and keep it for a bit longer.

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