Duck Says Don’t

Duck Says Don’t

By Alison Ritchie and Hannah George

Published by Good Books

What it’s about?

When Goose goes on vacation leaving Duck in charge of the pond, Duck embraces his responsibilities a bit too enthusiastically and soon alienates his pond friends with his bossiness

What we think:

If the Little Monster in your life is getting to be a bit of a bossy Monster then this is the perfect story.

Duck learns that with great power comes great responsibility. And if you take it too seriously things may not work out the way you think they are going to.

When Goose goes on holiday she gives Duck the responsibility of looking after the pond. Before you know it he has turned into the fun police and putting up Dolores Umbridge style signs stopping the frogs from diving, the kingfisher fishing and the the dragonflies chasing each other.

Before long Duck can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the pond. Except he’s all alone and it is far too quiet. Fed up with the rules, all of the animals have gone to play in the meadow.

Duck has to come up with a way to apologise and get everyone to come back to the pond.

The Little Monster loved this book – partly because it was a Christmas present from his school. It’s a fun story with lots to talk about.

The illustrations are beautiful – they are so full of life and capture the fun atmosphere of the pond wonderfully.

The Little Monster was able to read almost all of the words in this by himself so it’s absolutely perfect for beginner readers who are gaining confidence and moving on to more complex stories.

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