Blog Tour – The Ice Killer

The Ice Killer

By Ross Greenwood

Published by Boldwood Books

What it’s about?

Once, her heart was empty. Now it’s filled with ice…

Ellen’s therapist told her to forget the past, but the life she’s left with is boring. All she wants is to be happy and normal, but the approaching long bleak nights of winter loom heavy before her, especially as she’ll be alone.

But when the secrets her mother put in place to protect her are exposed, Ellen learns the frightening truth. Her history is darker than she imagined. She’s not who she thinks she is, and the real her is a very different person to the one that others have mistreated and exploited.

If there’s hope of a future, Ellen must find answers about the past, and the new Ellen is less forgiving.

This winter, there will be more than just discontent, and DI Barton will struggle in his hardest case to

What I think:

This is a gripping story filled with complex and compelling characters.

The third book in the DI Barton series. Barton is acting DCI and leading the series crime team in Peterborough following the discovering of a brutal murder.

Ellen is troubled. Her childhood, abusive relationships, drugs, loneliness and nebtal health issues. She never seems to quite fit in and her life is not turning out how she wanted it to.

Unlike some thrillers, the reader knows who has committed the crime – while the police team investigate and work out the how, the reader learns about the why.

Chapters from Ellen’s point of view reveal her past. Shocking, horrific and sympathetic, Ellen is a complex and interesting character. Her past slowly reveals itself and other crimes are linked to the investigation.

This was an intriguing book that shows the darkside of society and engages with some interesting debates about mental illness, personality and inheritance.

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About the author:

Ross Greenwood is the bestselling author of eight crime thrillers. Before becoming a full-time writer he was most recently a prison officer and so worked everyday with murderers, rapists and thieves forfour years. He lives in Peterborough.

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Thank you Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to be a part of the blog tour and Boldwood Books for gifting me a copy of The Ice Killer.

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