Popsugar Reading Challenge 2020 Book 31

Prompt: A book.with the same title.as a movie or TV series but unrelated to it.

Loads of books you could choose for this prompt. To be honest, the way I approached it was to Google search books on my TBR pile and see if there were any with movies of the same name. Lee Child’s Blue Moon came up trumps with a surprising number of films sharing the title. And Reacher books are always quick reads so that’s another category completed.

What it’s about?

From Goodreads:

“This is a random universe,” Reacher says. “Once in a blue moon things turn out just right.”

This isn’t one of those times.

Reacher is on a Greyhound bus, minding his own business, with no particular place to go, and all the time in the world to get there. Then he steps off the bus to help an old man who is obviously just a victim waiting to happen. But you know what they say about good deeds. Now Reacher wants to make it right.

An elderly couple have made a few well-meaning mistakes, and now they owe big money to some very bad people. One brazen move leads to another, and suddenly Reacher finds himself a wanted man in the middle of a brutal turf war between rival Ukrainian and Albanian gangs.

Reacher has to stay one step ahead of the loan sharks, the thugs, and the assassins. He teams up with a fed-up waitress who knows a little more than she’s letting on, and sets out to take down the powerful and make the greedy pay. It’s a long shot. The odds are against him. But Reacher believes in a certain kind of justice . . . the kind that comes along once in a blue moon.

What I think:

I thought I was done with the Reacher series having not enjoyed book 23. But you know what it’s like – old habits and all that!

Being stuck self-isolating die to the dreaded Covid, Blue Moon promised to be a quick, easy read and it was.

I actually enjoyed this more than the last installment. The story was more interesting and so were the characters that teamed up with Reacher to make the work a better place.

To be honest the story, while enjoyable, seemed utterly ridiculous to me. Reacher and a couple of random people – a woman from a bar and a couple of her friends work together to take down not one, but two, multi-million dollar crime syndicates in just a couple of days! And of course they are successful

Reacher stops an old man being mugged and ends by transferring millions of dollars into his bank account in a new age Robin Hood style before hopping back on the Greyhound bus.

The story is ridiculous but it is also quite entertaining.

Reacher is also less Reachery than normal. The body count in this book is high and Reacher is ruthless in a way that he isn’t in previous books. Lee Child is passing on the writing baton so maybe the books are heading in a slightly different direction.

You know where you are with these books and I’m pretty sure I will end up reading the next one as well!

You can get your fill of Reacher from:

Waterstones: click here

Amazon.co.uk: click here

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