Library Fridays – Captain Sparklebeard

Captain Sparklebeard

By Timothy Knapman and Sam Lloyd

Published by Egmont

What it’s about?

Peg lives with Cinderella-style wicked Step-Great-Grand Auntie who treats her like a servant.

Peg dreams of becoming a pirate and running off to see. One day a pirate ship docks and she seems her chance. But Captain Hairy-Ears won’t let her join the crew because she hasn’t got a beard.

Enterprising Peg makes herself a jewel encrusted beard and reinvents herself as Captain Sparklebeard and sets of to beat Captain Hairy-Ears at finding the treasure.

What we think:

This is a fun adventure story with some really positive stereotype breaking messages that are really well done.

Lots of pirate books feature all male characters so it’s great that Peg is just as fearless. She’s interesting and intelligent and quick-witted. By the time the other pirates realise she is a girl she has more than proved herself and they don’t care.

And what is the fundamental thing that gives Peg the edge over the dastardly pirates? The fact she can read! Which as an English teacher and bookworm is a message I love!

We really enjoyed this one. The pictures are brilliant and the Little Monster did pirate impressions all the way through. And it was nice to read a library book that wasn’t superheroes, ninjas or dinosaurs 😂🙈

Read about Captain Sparklebeard‘s adventures at:

Waterstones: click here click here

Captain Sparklebeard
Poor Peg
One fearless little girl
And this is why reading is so important!
The big reveal!

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