Oi Frog!

Oi Frog!

By Kes Gray and Jim Field

Published by Hodder Children’s Books

We picked up Oi Frog before Christmas but over the last couple of weeks it’s become a firm favourite at the top of the book pile.

This is a family favourite. Published in 2014 it was a bestseller and there have been several sequels, cartoons and even a stage show – which hopefully we’ll get to see.

The story is simple. Frog needs a rest and is ordered by a very bossy cat that he must sit on a log.

He doesn’t want to and all of his suggestions are dismissed as being where other animals already sit. Gophers sit on sofas, hares sit on chairs and only cats are allowed to sit on mats.

The rhymes get sillier and sillier which is really the beauty of this book.

Apes sit on grapes, seals sit on wheels and pumas sit on satsumas.

The little monster is just about getting the idea of rhyme so we tried our own with varying degrees of success…

Mummy sat on a dummy.

Hunter sat on Doodle (our dog!). 🙈

Need to keep practising that one 😀

This is such a fun book. I love the snooty cat who is the fountain of all animal sitting knowledge.

The Little Monster’s favourite part is when the frog moans that if he sits on the log he will get splinters in his bottom! Anything that mentions bums is a winner with a 4 year old!

If you want to read Oi Frog head to:

Waterstones: click here

Amazon.co.uk: click here

Oi Frog!
A very bossy cat
A very uncomfortable log
Some distressed looking foxes
Bedtime reading

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