Library Fridays – Midnight Ninja

Midnight Ninja

By Sam Lloyd

Published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books

What it’s about?

A little boy has a big secret.

When it’s dark and everyone is asleep he goes out to hunt down naughty bad guys.

And you don’t get any laughter than the Bug Bad Spider King and the pesky sock-stealing spiders.

With the help of his trusty partner, cat Ginger, the daring duo set out to avoid the webs and return the socks to their owners. But there are some extra unexpected problems they need to solve first.

What we think:

The Little Monster is a big fan of PJ Masks and really into super heroes at the moment do he really likes the book.

This appeals to everyone wannabe superhero.

The Midnight Ninja has a cool den and an array of gadgets to feed the imagination and some cool flips and tricks.

This is a bit longer than some of the books we have been reading recently which is great for his increasing attention span. It’s an action packed and engaging story. This is a five star winner for us!

Help the Midnight Ninja rescue the stolen socks at:

Waterstone’s: click here click here

Midnight Ninja
Midnight Ninja and Ginger
Big Bad Spider King

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