Library Fridays – Wild


By Emily Hughes

Published Flying Eye Books

What it’s about?

A baby appears in the woods. No one knows how she got there but the woodland creatures adopt her. She grows up talking like a bird and hunting fish with the bears.

One day a human family turn up in a car and take her back to the city. She is very unhappy and runs back to the forest, “because you cannot tame something so happily wild.”

What we think:

The Little Monster chose this gorgeous book because the little girl on the front “has got really big eyes”! It’s a really eye-catching cover that stood out on the library shelves.

The illustrations in this book are quite beautiful and very different from the normal style of picture book we read.

I asked the Little Monster if he would like to live in the forest. He replied:

“No I wouldn’t. The animals might eat me.”

He’s obviously not a wild child 😂

This really is a quite beautiful book and the art work is stunning. It would make a lovely gift for the wild child in your life. Go Wild at:

Waterstone’s: click here click here

Look at her big eyes
A little wild child
The humans do everything wrong
Back in the wild
Stunning art work

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