Popsugar Reading Challenge: Book 38

Prompt: A book that takes place in one day

I had a gorgeous copy of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day sitting on the shelf just waiting to be read that was perfect for this prompt. First published in the 1930’s, it was republished by Persephone Books in a gorgeous edition which includes the original illustrations.

What it’s about?

Miss Pettigrew is getting older (she’s 40!) and her life is a failure. She’s unmarried, very plain and a terrible governess. She desperately needs a new job. Down-trodden but not giving up, she is mistakenly sent to the wrong address and meets Miss LaFosse a night club singer whose decadent lifestyle is a light years away from the sheltered middle class respectability Miss Pettigrew is used to.

What I think:

This is a frothy, fun, Cinderella-style comedy. Miss Pettigrew is sweet and sincere and completely likeable from page 1. Delysia LaFosse is charming and silly and quite delightful. She spends he days lounging around in a silk negligee, juggling lovers, going to cocktail parties and singing in nightclubs.

Miss Pettigrew has a wonderful day filled with new experiences – she sorts out Delysia’s tangled love life, drinks cocktails, has a make over, wears an evening dress and furs and goes to a nightclub for the first time.

Delysia and her friend, Edythe, treat Miss Pettigrew not as an aging governess, but as an equal. She has a new found confidence and relishes every moment of her day. She’s desperate for her wonderful day of being alive never to end and the reader wants that too. Her common sense, no-nonsense approach to life is the perfect foil for the partying Delysia and they truly appreciate each other. You’re absolutely hoping for a fairytale ending and will not be disappointed.

If you want to read about Miss Pettigrew’s adventures, head to:

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Waterstone’s: click here

Amazon.co.uk: click here

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