There’s a Dragon in Your Book

There’s a Dragon in Your Book

By Tom Fletcher

Illustrated by Greg Abbott

Published by Puffin

This week’s choice is a library book that we loved so much we bought our own copy.

There’s a Dragon in Your Book is an interactive book with lots of things to do.

A little dragon, who is impossibly cute, turns up in your book. We say hello and tickle her which starts of chain of events.

The magical thing about this book, is that even though we have read it probably nearly 40 times, and know exactly what is coming, the Little Monster is fully engaged and still acts surprised at some of the things that happen. His high-fiving and flapping remain as enthusiastic as the first time we read it. He knows most of the book by heart and uses his best shocked voice to tell me what is happening.

I asked him what he thought of the book and he said:

I like it when she sneezes fire. (Insert very fake sneezing here) Dragons don’t sneeze fire. It comes out of their mouths like this (inserts strange growling/hissing/fire breathing dragon sound here.

There’s a whole series of these – monsters, aliens and even a festive elf appear in books. We don’t have any of the rest but I can see us adding to our collection soon.

If you would like to find your own cute dragons head to:

Waterstone’s: click here click here

The Little Monster’s shocked face
Uh oh…
Possibly the world’s cutest dragon
We always do…

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