The Manor House Murder

The Manor House Murder

By Faith Martin

Published by Joffe Books, London (revised edition – first published as ‘An Unholy Shame’ by Joyce Cato

What’s it about?

Monica Noble and her husband, vicar Graham, are invited to attend a clerical conference being held at a local country house hotel. At the Saturday night dinner, one of the female clerics, the ambitious and loud, Celia Brown dies after suffering a reaction to a peanut allergy. With peanut-munching Graham a suspect, Monica sets out to find the truth about Celia’s death and stop the killer in their tracks.

What I think:

This is the third in the Monica Noble Detective series and is an easy read. There’s a lot of suspects and lines of enquiry for the police and Monica that keep you guessing. There’s a mutual attraction between the policeman and Monica which is an interesting dynamic, but I suspect if it developed would change the whole nature of the series.

This is a light, cosy Cotswold murder mystery that is the perfect read for a rainy afternoon. I will definitely continue with the series.

Thank you Netgalley for the digital copy in return for an honest review. If you want to find out who did it: click here

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