Death In Paris

Death In Paris

By Kate Darroch

What it’s about?

Màiri Maguire teaches in top schools all over the world, but on days like today she wishes she had never left Glasgow!

8:10 a.m. on 15th August 1970. They’ve been in Paris only 12 hours. Lianna is locked up in jail, charged with murder. Màiri is being hunted by murderous criminals. She never dreamt that travelling outside Scotland would be so dangerous. Will Màiri ever again see her comfy home in Merrylea, her loving sisters Morag and Katriona, her schoolboy nephew Niall?

Major Ellis Peverel seldom leaves Màiri’s side. Respected by the Paris police, shrouded in secrets, who is this man? Is he a true friend to Màiri, or does he have an agenda of his own?

Who really killed the corrupt taxman for whose death Lianna has been framed? Màiri has only 6 days to find the murderer. Can she free Lianna in time? Or must she choose between her friend’s freedom and her own livelihood… if she’s still alive.

What I think:

This mystery and caharceyr grew on me the more I read.

Màiri is a forthright and very practical woman. She respects rules and social niceties. But she is also will to embrace change and hopeful for the future.

When she faces disappointment in her personal life she decides a bit of adventure is in order and accepts a teaching position in Istanbul there is time on the way to stop in Paris and explore the city with her friend Lianna.

They very quickly find themselves in trouble when one of the travelling party is found dead having been pushed from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Lianna is arrested and Màiri has a few days to prove she is innocent.

The first few chapters of this book jump all over the place and introduced so many people who were never mentioned again I found it a bit confusing. They di introduce Màiri and the type of live she leads in Glasgow.

The book really gets into it’s own once Màiri and the travel party arrive in Paris.

There is lots going on in a short book. Màiri’s amateur sleuthing is juxtaposed woth organised crime and intelligence agencies who are tracking domestic terrorists and organised crimes.

Everything comes together with a very satisfying conclusion and a fantastic cliff hanger that sets Mairi up for her next travelling adventure.

This has the potential to be a fu series and would definitely be interested to see what happens next.

I loved the scenes of Mairi and Lianna touring Paris which are filled with joy and enthusiasm.

Thank you to Kate Darroch and Love Book Tours for inviting me to be a part of the read along and for gifting me a copy of the book.

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