Blog Tour- The Binding Room

The Binding Room

By Nadine Matheson

What it’s about?

In this room, no one can hear you scream…

The Serial Crimes Unit are called in to investigate when a local pastor is found stabbed to death. As DI Henley assesses the crime scene, she discovers a hidden door that conceals a room set up for torture – and bound to the bed in the middle of the room is the body of a man.

When another body is found, also tied down, Henley realises there’s someone out there torturing innocent people and leaving them for dead. But why?

There’s nothing that connects the victims. They didn’t know each other. Their paths never crossed. But someone has targeted them, and it’s up to Henley and the SCU to stop them before they find another binding room…

What I think:

A smidge late posting this – but it was worth the wait. I was absolutely desperate to know how things turned out and there were so many twists and turns that I could not even begin to guess.

I loved The Jigsaw Man and have recommended it to a few people who have also loved it, so I was really looking forward to reading the follow up. And I was not disappointed.

This book has got everything you need in a crime thriller.

The case is gruesome and disturbing and yet utterly compelling. It taps into people desire to help others, to find community in organised religion and fear of complex mental health issues. It explores the power people can have over others and how this can be abused.

Pastor Caleb Annan is found murdered in his church. The murder is brutal and appears to be personal. When a search of the church building uncovers further discoveries the case becomes extremely complex. Henley are her team are having to investigate the murder of a man that it is very difficult to sympathise with: a man who practice what he preached.

I love DI Henley. She is dedicated and clever. She understands how to get the best out of her team and her emotional intelligence often means that she can get the answers she needs from suspects. She is a deeply flawed character. Still recovering form the events in her previous big investigation and the attack by Olivier, she has demons of her. Her relationship with Pellacia is causes problems both at work and at home. She is also facing political pressure from a local MP with an agenda of their own.

The characters of the Serious Crime Unit are really developed in this book – especially Ramouter who is struggling with his own personal life. The bonds between the team who have all shared such traumatic experiences are string and they are all supportive of each other.

This is a dark and twisty thriller. It is utterly compelling and I really enjoyed it. Thank you to HQ Stories for my gifted copy of the book and for invited me to be a part of this thrilling blog tour.

About the author:

Nadine Matheson was born and lives in London. She began her working life at the BBC and now practices as a criminal defence lawyer. In 2016, she won the City University Crime Writing Competition and completed the Creative Writing (Crime/Thriller Novels) MA at City University of London with Distinction in 2018.

Her crime fiction novel, The Jigsaw Man, was published by HQ in 2021. The Jigsaw Man has been sold in 15 territories to date and will be translated into 14 languages. The Jigsaw Man has been optioned for TV by Monumental Television.

She can always be found on Twitter @nadinematheson and contacted via email:

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