Elmer Day 2022

May 28th is Elmer Day!

Today is Elmer Day – the day we celebrate the wonderful world of the most famous patchwork elephant. He’s an absolute classic in the world of children’s publishing. Author, David McKee, died earlier this year, so this is a particularly poignant celebration.

From the official Elmer website:

Elmer remains one of the most iconic and widely read children’s book series of all time, selling over 10 million copies worldwide since it was first published by Andersen Press in 1989. Written and illustrated by celebrated children’s author and artist David McKee, the Elmer books have been translated into more than 50 languages and now new books, toys and clothing add to the world of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant.

About the author:

David McKee was born in Devon and studied at Plymouth Art College. In the early part of his career, McKee regularly drew and sold humorous drawings to magazines and newspapers such as The Times Educational Supplement, Punch and the Reader’s Digest. David McKee has written and illustrated over 50 picture books for Andersen Press and has penned a number of children’s classics including King Rollo, Mr Benn, Not Now Bernard and Elmer the Patchwork Elephant.

Sharing a favourite:

Over the years we have read many of the Elmer books. One of our favourites is Elmer’s Walk.

What it’s about?

Elmer is enjoying his walk: smelling the flowers, watching the clouds, listening to the waterfall. But each time he points out one of these lovely things to the other animals, they all say they don’t have time to stop. They’re far too busy. Luckily Wilbur arrives at last and shares Elmer’s enjoyment in the stars. A celebration of mindfulness from master-storyteller David McKee.

What we think:

This is a lovely story about the importance of taking time to appreciate the world around you and connect with the beauty of nature.

The herd of elephants are busy rushing around the jungle. The crocodiles are swimming; the monkeys are swimming and the lion is planning a nap. No one wants to smell the flowers, look at the clouds or listen to the waterfalls.

Elmer can’t manage to persuade anyone to slow down and take a moment of quiet in their busy lives.

Until he bumps into his black and white checked cousin, Wilbur. Wilbur is busy. Busy waiting for night to arrive. Elmer and Wilbur take some time to admire the stars and appreciate the vastness of the universe.

Like many other books in the series, this book explores an important idea in a simple and accessible way.

The illustrations are fabulous and filled with lots of cheeky animals and humorous details.

The Little Monster loves the monkeys best because they have such cheeky faces and one of his ambitions is to one day swing through a rainforest on vines.

There is an Elmer book for everyone! The small readers in your life will love him. As well as the fun stories, Elmer has an important message of being yourself, accepting everyone’s differences and using your imagination.

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