Blog Tour – Such a Good Liar

Such a Good Girl

By Susan Wallman

Published by Scholastic 5th May 2022

What it’s about?

She’s faking her way into the most exclusive social circles for revenge. But how long can her lies hold up?

Seventeen-year-old Lydia Cornwallis has arrived on a remote island populated only by wealthy families and their staff. She quickly finds acceptance, even adoration, from the close-knit families that rule the island. But a storm is coming, and all routes to the mainland are cut off.

But thank goodness the Harrington sisters made it in time, because Lydia simply can’t wait to meet them.

That’s because Lydia’s not really Lydia Cornwallis.

And the Harringtons have hell to pay for what they’ve done.

Lydia will need to draw on epic nerve, quicksilver adaptability and sly cunning in maintaining her cover and exacting murderous revenge. And when she meets someone new on the island and starts to develop real feelings, can that connection survive when nothing else is real?

What I think:

I love YA thrillers and it so great to get the opportunity to read one that I can add to my classroom library.

There is so much to grab the reader’s attention from the first chapter.

Fengari is a luxury island. Home to the super rich and very spoiled. Lydia Cornwallis is expected to head to the island to spend the summer with family friends she hasn’t seen for year but what she really wants to do is head to Italy with her boyfriend, Crispin.

Rhiannon, the shop assistant at her mother’s florist, offers to go instead. She looks enough like Lydia that they might just be able to fool everyone.

‘Lydia’ arrives at Fengari and is quickly into the Harringtons’ social circle. By Lydia isn’t Lydida and Rhiannon isn’t even Rhiannon. And there is something much darker going on the naths tuition and parties.

This has a great anti-hero protagonist in Shannon Jones. She is clever and manipulative and looking for revenge.

Emily and Annabel Harrington are spoilt and entitled. When they are bored they become spiteful and reckless and their actions can have horrific consequences. They have far too much money and too much freedom. They act like adults but with none of the responsibility that comes with it.

While their life seems glamorous, they are hiding some dark secrets.

I really enjoyed this book. Its dark and twisty and keeps you guessing right to the end. I had no idea how the book was going to end. There is so much tension as Shannon and Lydia’s plans could unravel at any moment. This one will definitely keep you up reading into the night! And it would make a great TV series!

Fast-paced and twisty- I definitely recommend Such a Good Liar!

About the author:

Award-winning author Sue Wallman has been a sub-editor, letters page editor and deputy features editor, and today works in a secondary school library. LYING ABOUT LAST SUMMER was selected for the Zoella Book Club in Autumn 2016 and won the Worcestershire Teen Book Award 2017. SEE HOW THEY LIE was a Tesco YA Book of the Month and won the Lancashire Book of the Year award in 2018.


Thank you so much to Scholastic for my gifted copy of the book and to Kaleidoscopic Tours for inviting me to be on this thrilling blog tour.

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