Odd Dog Out

Odd Dog Out

By Rob Biddulph

What it’s about?

It’s a dog’s life in the big city… Come join one busy dog on her journey to find her place in the world, from Rob Biddulph – the genius behind the #DrawWithRob phenomenon and the bestselling and award-winning Blown Away!

For busy dogs
A busy day
Of busy work
And busy play…

But one dog doesn’t quite fit in. It’s lonely being the odd dog out. She’s willing to go to the other side of the world to look for her place in it… but it might take a different kind of journey for her to realise that maybe where she’s meant to be is right back where she started…

What we think:

As new owners of a miniature dacshund, we have suddenly started seeing sausage dogs everywhere. So we we saw Odd Dog Out we absolutely had to add it to our little library.

This is a great book for illustrating that it is OK to be a bit different and that everyone likes different things.

All of sausage dogs are going abpit their day. And they all look the same.

But the Odd Dog stands out from the crowd.

Geeling that she doesn’t really fit in, she sets off on a journey to find out where she belongs.

And before long she has find her tribe – a place where everyone is just like her.

When she spots a dog who is different, she goes tonoffer her advice. But soon enough the new odd Dog tells her thatbhe is happy being different.

So Odd Dog heads back home. Where it turns out she has been missed.

The book ends with a positive message about acceptance and individuality. Everyone is special and it is our differences that make us unique.

This is such an important message for children. At 6, the Little Monster is becoming very aware that he and his friends do all like the same things and want to play the same games all of the time. They all take part in different activities and like different clothes. The books shows how differences can be celebrated in a really fun way.

The rhyme is simple and fun. The Little Monster could read this for himself.

As this is a Rob Biddulph book, the illustrations are just awesome. There is so much attention to detail.

We love the last pages showing all of the individual dog, talking about what they were wearing and choosing our favourites.

This is a fun, easy read and we really liked it.

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