Popsugar Reading Challenge 2022 Book 2

I really enjoyed The Guesthouse at Lobster Bay by Annie Robertson when I read it in the summer holidays, so was super excited when the lovely folks at Welbeck Publishing sent me a copy of the next book in the series, Christmas at Lobster Bay. It is a lovely festive read and perfect for the holiday prompt.

What it’s about?

When Emma and Aidan decide to expand The Guesthouse at Lobster Bay, Emma feels certain it’s the project she needs to develop her beautiful retreat, and to keep her and Aidan together.

She has three months to complete the project before her guests arrive for a sumptuous Christmas break. But unforeseen problems soon turn her and her loved ones into festive humbugs.

Unexpected structural problems, the arrival of a long-term guest, and an errant puppy who is determined to chew her way through every piece of pipe and furniture, push Emma and Aidan to their limit, and it’s not long before cracks begin to show in their relationship.

Determined not to give up, Emma pushes on. But when a winter storm blows in, work grinds to a halt, pushing Emma and Aidan to the brink.

As Emma battles to keep her dream alive, will it be at the expense of her relationship? And will she eventually, with the help of her friends, finish the house and welcome her guests, with carolling and good cheer, to Christmas at Lobster Bay?

What I think:

Lobster Bay is preparing for Christmas. But Emma is getting restless.

The Guesthouse is doing well amd Emma and Aiden are now a well-established couple in the community. But with all of the excitement of setting up a new a new business and creating a special experience for her guests wearing off, Emma is starting to get itchy feet. Is Lobster Bay just a bit too small?

A new project is what she needs to focus on and before you know it they’re expanding the Guesthouse and planning for an amazing Christmas extravaganza.

But before they get to Christmas, there are building problems, crazy puppies, flirtations and romances, troubled teens and a Christmas cake disaster to contend with.

I love the community that the writer has created for Lobster Bay. Lots of favourites from the first book are back, with some new additions as the world of Lobster Bay expands.

Emma and Aidan really struggle to communicate at points in this. They can both be quite stubborn and are used to dealing with their emotions by themselves. They grow as a couple and realise that they need to talk to each other if they are going to make their relationship work.

There are some really fun and heartwarming moments in this book which is filled love, friendship festive fun. This is one of those fictional creations that I would love to visit.

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