Blog Tour- Bessie Bibbs’ Ginormous Fibs

Bessie Bibbs’ Ginormous Fibs

By Chris Jones. Illustrated by Claire Bell

What it’s about?

Bessie Bibbs’ just can’t help but tell fibs. And whilst her intentions are good, they keep getting her into trouble … with very messy consequences! 

What we think:

Bit late posting our review of Bessie Bibbs. But it was worth waiting for as we loved this book.

This rhyming story is perfect for beginner readers. The rhyme and rhyming is easy and familiar, but the story is longer and more complex. The Little Monster was able to read lots of this by himself.

Bessie is a very confident Monster. She is trying to be helpful but she lies about her skills, and instead of fixing things she leaves mess and destruction in her wake.

Cars, computers and coffee machines – nothing g is safe from Bessie’s expert fix clutches. Her friends are really frustrated with her lying and try to teach her a lesson. Pretending the ice cream machine is broken, Bessie offers straight away to fix it having not learnt nothing from her previous disasters. She soon ends up embarrassed and covered in ice cream.

There is a clear moral to the story and Bessie apologises at the end which made the Little Monster very happy as he spotted that she did not say sorry for her actions earlier in the book.

The pastel illustrations of the monsters are perfect – theyvarevall have such expressionate faces and their feelings at different points in the story are clear.

If you are looking for a good that shows children that actions have consequences in a fun but thoughtful way, this is a great choice.

Thank you to Love Books Tours for inviting g us to be a part of this great tour and for our gifted copy of the book. It’s one we will definitely be reading again and again.

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