Steve the Christmas Elf

Steve the Christmas Elf

By Billy Dunne Illustrated by Ben Whitehouse

Published by Buster Books

What it’s about?

A humorous and heart-warming story about a little elf who stops believing in the magic of Christmas and a little girl called May, who help each other find their way.

Steve the Christmas elf is in the North Pole, busy making toys for the big day. But he suddenly wonders: what if the children he’s making toys for don’t exist? Well, it’s not like he’s ever seen them…

Join Steve on a Christmas Eve adventure as he sneaks on board Santa’s sleigh, befriends a little girl who’s found herself on the naughty list and gets himself into a whole load of

What we think:

What a charming and fun Christmas picture book!

Steve is such a cheeky elf with a lot of personality.

Happily working away in the toy factory, one day it occurs to him that he has never actually seen boys and girls. What if they are not real and Sanat is keeping all of the toys the elves make for himself! He sets out to find out by sneaking into the sleigh and heading off in an adventure.

Then he meets May. A real-life girl who has not been kind and generous and has found herself on the naughty list. If they work together May might just find herself back on the good list and Steve will make it home.

This is a fun story with lots to talk about. The Little Monster loved the idea that Santa might keep some of the toys to play with himself.

We talked about what you needed to do to be on the good list and being kind and sharing with your friends we’re near the top of the list. We also added helping people and feeding Happy the Hamster 😄

The illustrations are absolutely fantastic. Bright and colourful and loads of detail, every page is a joy to look at.

This is a great book for the 3-6 year olds in your life. It’s full of Christmas magic and would make a perfect addition to your Christmas reading stash.

If you want to join Steve the Christmas Elf on his adventures use the link below:

About the author and illustrator:

Witty, handsome, charming, strong; Billy knows all these words, and more. He lives in Reading, England with his wife and son and sometimes writes children’s books.

Ben Whitehouse is an illustrator born and raised in Birmingham, UK. At the moment, he lives in Chepstow, Wales with his lovely girlfriend, Yvonne, and their crazy border collie named Sparrow. Ben has worked at Aardman features as an assistant animator. He has also worked in the animation industry as a character designer, animator and stop motion puppet maker before finding his happy feet within the world of illustration.

Thank you to Buster books for our gifted copy if the book and to Love Books Tours for inviting us to be a part of this festive book tour.

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