Netgalley November

November’s reading challenge is all about clearing my Netgally shelf. Finally trying to read those books that have been languishing on the TBR for far too long.

The ideal Netgalley percentage is 85% or above. My starting stats:

I’m actually in a good place to start. I’ve hit the 85% but I still have nearly books waiting to be read.

Having seen some other people shelves I’m feeling pretty good about clearing a chunk of these off.

As part of the month there us a Netgalley Bingo challenge. 9 categories, 9 books of your choice from your shelves.

My picks are:

A book published this year:

Your oldest approval:

A book beginning with N:

A book with a green cover:

A book beginning The:

A debut author:

A book yet to be released:

Most excited for:

Your latest approval:

There’s a real mix of books here and some that I am really looking forward to.

I also hope to tick of a few more books off as well. But that is quite ambitious so we shall see.

Whatever I manage, it’s fun chatting to to fellow bookworms about their reads and comparing notes.

What are your November reading plans?

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