The Guesthouse at Lobster Bay

The Guesthouse at Lobster Bay

By Annie Robertson

Published by Welbeck

What it’s about?

When Emma sees The Guesthouse at Lobster Bay for sale, she knows it’s the seaside haven she needs to recover from a recent trauma. But as soon as Emma collects the keys, her dream of owning a successful guesthouse unravels . . .

Emma has a month to get the house ready before her guests arrive, a task made harder by the discovery that an enormous dog was included in the sale. Then there’s the unwelcoming next-door neighbour, Aidan, who Emma must turn to for help. As Emma and Aidan work together, they grow closer, but then Aidan is called away and Emma has to carry on alone.

Over the summer, Emma must navigate unforeseen dilemmas and new friendships, and keep her business afloat. But as she falls in love with Lobster Bay, is she also falling for Aidan?

What I think?

Sometime it takes something dramatic to happen to force you out of a rut.

Emma is living in London with her boyfriend in a tiny flat. She works as an interior designer for a larger firm and while she is happy enough there is definitely a sense that she is treading water. Until one Christmas Eve when she gets caught up in a devastating and traumatic event. Suddenly the sense that life is precious and should be lived to the full prompts her to make some big changes.

The Guesthouse at Lobster Boy is for sale and it is the perfect t place to recover and rebuild and to realise some of her dreams. Before she can change her mind Emma has quit her job, ended her relationship and invested her savings in the building that will make or break her future.

This is fantastic story about new beginnings and friendship.

Emma quickly gets to know the tight-knit Lobster Bay community and make some valuable friendships. Of course there’s potential live interests, one being her unfriendly but gorgeous neighbour, Aidan. There’s lots of misunderstandings and flirtation along the way.

I love the conversations she has with former owner Hilda, who resents being in a nursing home and has not accepted that she needs support.

The star of the show is Wilbur – he has so much personality and his relationship with Emma will give you the warm fuzzies.

The story continues in Christmas at Lobster Bay which is published later this year and will definitely be going only TBR list.

Thank you Welbeck for my gifted copy of The Guesthouse at Lobster Bay- it’s a great summer read and I really enjoyed it.

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