Blog Tour- A Dangerous Deal

A Dangerous Deal

By Philippa Jane Keyworth

What it’s about?

Lady Rachel Denby is in need of a husband and a chance encounter with the reserved Lord Arleigh inspires her to offer him an outlandish deal.

He will save her from impending financial doom and she will help him gain his inheritance. All they have to do is marry. It sounds delightfully pragmatic. Yet as they embark upon their matrimonial bliss, they find that being husband and wife is anything but simple. Pleasing the stiff family relations, keeping a nosy sister in check, and dealing with unhelpful solicitors complicates their deal.

To make matters worse, there are unplanned feelings growing between them. But the unorthodox Rachel can’t help engaging the aloof Viscount, and his Lordship is certainly not the cold fish he at first appears. Suddenly, the deal they made is far more than just a practical solution to their problems, it’s fast becoming downright dangerous!

This is the second book in The Ladies of Worth series of Georgian romances. It centres on the sister of Lady Rebecca Fairing from Fool Me Twice, and you’ll get to see Caro and Felton again, and let’s not forget the shrewd Lady Etheridge and her wicked wit!

What I think:

2021 has been a reintroduction to the world of the Regency romance. It’s a genre I read as a teenager as part of my journey to reading adult fiction, but hadn’t read for a long time. This year, on the back of my Bridgerton binge, I have been introduced to some fantastic writers and thorough entertaining historical romances.

A Dangerous Deal was a fun read. The classic fake relationship trope has been done really well and you are rooting for Rachel and Arleigh to put their doubts aside and give love a chance.

Rachel is intelligent, independent and outspoken. Having been forced into a “good” marriage with a man old enough to be her grandfather, and widowed, she is looking for security not love.

Arleigh needs a wife. His father, concerned about the family estate and name, has stipulated in his will that his son needs to marry to inherit his fortune. Hating society and rejecting eligible young women his options are few until Rachel makes an extraordinary proposition – a marriage of convenience and a separation after a suitable amount of time.

Society is shock when they learn about the secret wedding and rumours about the nature of their relationship are rife. Rachel’s blunt manners mange to offend her parents and upset her new mother-in-law. Her sister Rebecca is also disappointed to have been left out of her sister’s plans and is suspicious and determined to find out what is really going on.

The attraction between Rachel and Arleigh builds slowly. They begin to get to know each other and understand the reservations about marriage that are holding them back. Arleigh proves himself to be surprisingly considerate and Rachel’s wit and humour win over the Viscount. The characters are utterly endearing and this is a lovely romantic read.

This is a fun romance with witty characters and lots of fizzy dialogue. A thoroughly enjoyable read. It’s the second in the Ladies of Worth series but can be read as a standalone romance.

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About the author:

Philippa Jane Keyworth, also known as P. J. Keyworth, writes historical romance and fantasy novels you’ll want to get escape into.

She loves strong heroines, challenging heroes and backdrops that read like you’re watching a movie. She creates complex, believable characters you want to get to know and worlds that are as dramatic as they are beautiful.

Keyworth’s historical romance novels include Regency and Georgian romances that trace the steps of indomitable heroes and heroines through historic British streets. From London’s glittering ballrooms to its dark gaming hells, characters experience the hopes and joys of love while avoiding a coil or too! Travel with them through London, Bath, Cornwall and beyond and you’ll find yourself falling in love.

Keyworth’s fantasy series The She Trilogy unveils a world of nomadic warrior tribes and peaceful forest-dwelling folk. Explore the hills, deserts and cities of Emrilion and the history that is woven through them. With so many different races in the same kingdom it’s become a melting pot of drama and intrigue where the ultimate struggle between good and evil will bring it all to the brink of destruction.

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