Library Fridays: The Chatterbox Bear

The Chatterbox Bear

By Pippa Curnick

Published by Hachette UK

What it’s about?

Meet Gary the bear – he just can’t stop chatting! A laugh-out-loud-funny story about friendship and understanding.

Gary the bear is a chatterbox, but when nobody wants to listen he sets sail in search of new friends.

Soon Gary arrives on an island full of birds . . . the problem is they don’t understand a word of Bear! Gary has to learn that words are not the only way to communicate and make new friends.

What we think:

Back in February our lovely local librarian sorted us a stack of new library books. The library was closed to browsing but you could click and collect, so we requested a selection and Chatterbox Box was one that came home with us. And he has been there ever since as the Little Monster refuses to take him back!

This is such a bright and colourful book. The pictures are energetic and filled with detail so there’s lots to spot and talk about beyond the story.

We love the different types of eyebrows that the birds creat to help them communicate with Gary and have spent a lot of time debating the pros and cons of each type. Little Monster thinks the stick eyebrows would be useless!

We love the cliffhanger ending as Barry the dog arrives with a gigantic moustache and the learning process starts again.

This is a great book for thinking about different ways to communicate and how you can still make friends with people who speak a different language to you which is a great for kids starting school in multicultural schools.

We love Gary and his wiggly wobbly eyebrows – a definite winner with us!

A firm bedtime favourite
Gary can’t stop talking
Squawk Raaar
Learn to speak eyebrow
Making friends!
Anyone speak moustache?

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