By M. A. Hunter

Published by One More Chapter

What it’s about?

A bloody pig’s head nailed to a wall…

Investigate journalist Emma Hunter is in the thick of another cold case featuring a game of truth or dare in a dark forest by a Dorset army base 15 years ago that went horribly wrong. Four girls went in, only three came out.

A Wiccan map splattered with red ink…

Wreathed in mist and memory, the barracks offered no remains of any kind, just a hole in the perimeter fence and years of unanswered questions.

An ancient ritual drenched in death…

But when Emma teams up with fellow firebrand reporter Rachel and whip-smart cold case expert Jack, she soon discovers it wasn’t a game at all as a grand and sinister pattern begins to unfurl around them.

What I think:

This is the second book in The Nissing Children Case Files series.

Emma Hunter is still investigating the disappearance of her sister and is following up some of the leads that emerged at the end of the first book.

There is also a completely new mystery to solve that begins with the suicide of a young woman.

The main mystery if this book is intriguing but not quite as gripping as the first case in my opinion.

It’s hard to review without giving any spoilers but some of the facts if the case just didn’t ring true for me.

Despite this I really like the characters of Emma, Jack and Rachel and the dynamics between them. The idea behind the books is really great and I am looking forward tonseeing how the final case is resolved.

Thank you One More Chapter and Netgalley for the gifted copy in return for an honest review.

Isolated is available to preorder from:

Waterstones: click here

Hive: click here

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