Popsugar Reading Challenge 2020 – Book 36

Prompt: A book featuring one of the seven deadly sins.

If you read thrillers and murder mysteries this is an easy category to tick off so I’m surprised it took me so long to get around to it. I picked up a copy of Dark Game by Rachel Lynch at a recent trip to the Little Local Book Hub telephone box. I’d seen it a few times so decided to give a go.

What it’s about?

DI Kelly Porter knows some people will risk everything to get ahead. But when the truth comes out deadly prices are paid…

After a scandal forces DI Kelly Porter out of the Met, she returns to her home turf in the Lake District. Crimes in the Cumbrian constabulary tend to be of the minor sort, but Kelly begins work on a cold case that shocked the local community – the abduction and brutal murder of ten-year-old Lottie Davies.

Meanwhile, Kelly is also investigating two seemingly straightforward crimes: a case involving an illegal immigrant, and a robbery following the death of local businessman Colin Day. But evidence comes to light that reveals a web of criminal activity beyond anything Kelly imagined. Behind the veneer of sleepy, touristy towns lies a dark and dangerous underworld. As Kelly threatens to expose those with much to lose, she risks paying the ultimate price to get to the truth…

What I think:

This is a dark and gritty thriller.

Beneath the beauty of the Lake District there is a disturbing and criminal underworld of corruption, drugs, people trafficking and prostitution.

This is a complex and engaging thrilling. DI Kelly Porter is an intelligent and interesting protagonist. She has returned to the Lake District having been forced to leave her position in London. She’s bringing fresh eyes to old cases.

As she starts to make connections between different crimes she reveals a criminal underworld hiding behind the respectability of local politicians and successful businesses.

There are some really dark and disturbing elements to this story. And the sad part is these reflect true stories of people thinking they are coming to the UK for better future, only to enter a world.of violence and organised crime

There is a really satisfying ending (no spoliers) and the sense of a job done well.

All of the seven deadly sins (greed, pride, wrath, sloth, lust, envy, gluttony) appear in this book in different ways, often with tragic consequences.

I will definitely pick up future books in the series when they come my way.

You can grab a copy of Dark Gane from:

Waterstones: click here

Amazon.co.uk: click here

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