The Runaway Pea

The Runaway Pea

By Kjartan Poskitt and Alex Willmore

Published by Simon and Schuster UK

Every Reception child in England receives a free copy of The Runaway Pea this year courtesy of Booktrust and their Time to Read campaign. How wonderful is that!

The Runaway Pea tells the story of a cheeky pea who pings off the plate and heads on an adventure around the house.

He lands in the dog bowl, splashes into the fish tank and faces the darkness and doom of the forgotten vegetables lurking under the fridge.

Luckily for this little pea he ends up in the compost him where the future is definitely brighter.

The Little Monster loved coming home with this book. It’s a great story and very funny. The pea lands in the toaster and his bum catches fire which is of course his favourite bit!

His lovely Reception teacher made a video and set them a challenge to draw some happy vegetables for their homework this week which has added to the fun.

This is a great book and we’ve really enjoyed it.

There’s more information about Tume to Read on the Book Trust website along with loads of reading recommendations for kids of all ages and stacks of fun activities.

You can see what The Runaway Pea gets up to yourself at:

Waterstones: click here click here

The Runaway Pea
The Little Monster’s happy veg

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