Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat

Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat

By Sue Hendra

Published by Simon and Schuster

This week’s favourite read is Keith the Cat with with the Magic Hat.

I must confess that I chose this one from the book shop because Keith is a brilliant name for a cat! But the Little Monster loves it.

Keith is embarrassed when one day an ice cream cone lands on his head. So he tells his cat buddies that it’s a magic hat.

The cats laugh at him and demand to see some magic so imagine their surprise when his magic wand starts moving by itself and then he makes rabbits appear out of no where.

This is genuinely funny book with great illustrations.

It’s great for the Little Monster who has just started learning to read because he can read “cat” and “hat” by himself which makes him very happy.

His favourite part is when the bees chase the dog away and we all do some very loud buzzing.

This is a great addition to any little library.

Grab you own copy of Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat from:

Waterstones: click here click here

Meet Keith
Of course it’s a magic hat!
Keith is the collest cat in town
Bedtime favourite 😴

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