Splat the Cat

Splat the Cat

By Rob Scotton

Published by Harper Collins, 2008

Little Library is back for the autumn!

And we are kicking off we a back to school themed gen that we picked up this summer from a Little Local Book Hub book swap.

Splat the cat is about to start cat school and he doesn’t want to go. He does everything he can to avoid getting ready and leaving the house. He is desperate to stay at home until tomorrow

When he finally does get there and meets his fellow feline pupils and his teacher Mrs Whimpydimple (what a fabulous name!) He discovers how amazing cats are, makes loads of friends and even manages to teach Mrs Whimpydimple a thing or two about mogs and their ways.

This is a fun book that is great for school starters as Splat goes from being a scaredy cat to being super excited about school.

The illustrations are fantastic – the cats’ faces are really expressive so there was lots to talk about in terms of how they are feeling at different points in the story.

The Little Monster particularly liked the page where Seymour the mouse makes himself look big and scary and the cats all run away.

This is a fun read that has been added to our rotating pile of bedtime stories for the next week or so. There’s more adventures in the series so we will see if we can reserve some from our local library soon.

You can discover Splat the Cat at:

Waterstones: click here

Amazon.co.uk: click here

Bedtime reading
Splat the Cat
Splat does not want to go to school!
Mrs Whimpydimple
Cats are amazing!
Can’t wait to go back tomorrow

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