Robberty Bobberty and Friends

Robberty Bobberty and Friends

Written by Rachel Coverdale and Illustrated by Shelly Oyston

As the pace of life has slowed down thanks to Covid Lockdown, one of the books we have returned to time and time again Robberty Bobberty and Friends. The writer, Rachel Coverdale, kindly gifted us a copy a couple of months ago.

Robberty Bobberty is a little rabbit who is always on the go. He is driving his mother crazy so she sends him out on a mission to learn something new. But Robberty Bobberty does not slow down. He whizzes past his friends and misses the things they are trying to share with him.

Robberty’s racing ends up with a trip and grazed knee forcing him to accept some help from his friends and slow down.

Once he slows down he appreciates the world around him – looking at flowers and plants, appreciate the beauty of world and playing outside.

I know that many people have experienced similar things during this enforced period of isolating. Our daily walks have given us a chance to unplugged and like Robberty, pay more attention to the world around us.

June is the month of The Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild which encourages everyone to get outside and appreciate nature every day this month. The benefits of nature to people’s mental health have long been acknowledged.

By the end of the book Robberty Bobberty is happier. He has had a great time with his friends and goes home exhausted – which is great way for children to live!

The repetition included in the book: “But Robberty Bobberty doesn’t listen/Robbery Bobberty is on a mission” is really catchy and the Little Monster was soon joining in. We talked about the fact that the little rabbit was actually being quite rude to his friends and the Little MOnster was very keen to point out that listening is one of the Golden Rules at nursery.

I loved the illustrations in this book – there is a vintage quality to them that takes me back to my own childhood reads. The pictures are beautiful and detaile and there is a lot to spot and notice.

More info about Rachel Coverdale and her writing can be found at her website click here

If you would like to meet Robberty Bobberty and Friends head to: click here

Robberty Bobberty and Friends
Driving mummy crazy
Everyone needs to slow down
Appreciating the world around you
Bedtime story

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