The Case of the Missing Cake

The Case of the Missing Cake

By Eoin McLaughlin Illustrated by Marc Boutavant

Published by Walker Books 2020

We haven’t done a Little Library post for ages! πŸ™ˆ but we have never stopped reading πŸ˜€

The Little Monster chose The Case of the Missing Cake during a February half-term trip to Brooks in a Pinner, a gorgeous independent bookshop near us. We can’t wait to head back there soon. In the meantime, here’s the link to their website click here

This is an alphabet book with a difference. Instead of just random objects and animals there’s an interesting story as well.

A delicious chocolate cake has gone missing from page 5 of the book. Bear sets out to investigate the crime. He arrests a suspect – but are they really guilty? Or has bear got something to hide?

This is a really fun story. There is a lot of humour in both the illustrations and especially in the dialogue.

Spoiler alert – Bear ate the cake and is trying to hide the crime, but the rest of the alphabet animals are not fooled that easily.

My favourite letters are F and G – the fox and the gingerbread man have declared a truce and fox is now a reformed character. The Little Monster likes the beginning because he quickly spotted that the bear had a chocolatey looking face which is very suspicious.

This is a great book for little readers who are still learning the alphabet but can understand more complex stories. There’s lots to discuss too. We’ve talked about what the bear did wrong in the story and how he can make it up to everyone.

Discover The Case of the Missing Cake for yourself from:

Waterstones: click here click here

The Case of the Missing Cake
The cake has been stolen!
Potential crime scene?

Case closed?

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