March Cosy Mystery Challenge Wrap Up

Lots of people in the book blogger world are saying that with everything going on the world right now, and some people’s anxiety levels higher than normal, they are struggling to focus on reading. Cosy mysteries are perfect antidote for that as they are often quick, humorous and while still intriguing there’s never so many plot twists that you need to take notes.

I completed the four March reads – skipped the bonus which was added later. Here’s the March badge:

The March reads:

Gluten-Free Murder by P. D. Workman

Erin starts a specialist bakery in a small town and faces scrutiny when a rival bakery owner appears to have been poisoned by one of her cupcakes. Great, diverse characters. Looks like it will be a good series.

Murder on Main Street by Shannon Kaper

Bakery owner and romance writer, Abby has fallen out with her landlord after he threatens to double her rent. The most disliked man in town, she then finds his body and sets out to find the real murderer before she is blamed. Small tourist tour with lots of mysteries ahead. Great fun and very clever mystery.

Potluck and Pandemonium by S. C. Merrit

Recently widowed, Glory heads back home to Alabama for a fresh start where she discovers a body at the church potluck picnic and murder weapon has her initials on it. Glory also has some mysteries of her own to solve but I won’t spoil them!

Cherry Pie or Die by CeeCee James

Georgie Tanner has returned home for a fresh start leading tourist trips through Revolutionary Pennsylvania. She takes a group to Three Maidens Manner, a supposedly haunted battleground and museum. The power goes out. But when the lights go back on there is a body and a limited number of suspects.

I really enjoyed this month’s mysteries – lots of fresh starts in small towns and lots of baking! Looking forward to April’s mysteries.

If you want to join in and would welcome the cosy distractions head to the Cozy Mystery Challenge Facebook group .

Happy reading x

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