Popsugar Reading Challenge 2020: Book 11

Prompt: A book by an author with flora or fauna in their name

Hadn’t got any plans for this prompt at all. And then my lovely book swap buddy sent me The Mysterious Miss Mayhew by Hazel Osmond with is a perfect fit.

What’s it about?

From the blurb:

Tom doesn’t need any more women in his life. He already has his hands full with his five year old daughter, an estranged wife who keeps blocking his efforts to get divorced and a mother who might be having an affair with the vicar. When Fran Mayhew turns up – years younger than him and with all the tact of a dinosaur with its backside on fire – she’s just another tricky person to deal with.

And what’s she doing in his remote part of Northumberland crawling around in graveyards anyway?

But soon Tom discovers that there’s more to Miss Mayhew than meets the eye – and it’s not just his heart he’s in danger of losing.

What I think:

A day off sick last week and this was the perfect read.

What I really enjoyed about his was that most of the book is told from Tom’s point of view. He has to work out the mystery that Fran is hiding while working through his growing feelings for her, dealing with his manipulative ex, his anxious brother and running a magazine.

Fran’s voice comes through in her diary entries. Based around 10 things she has learned that day, her diary is witty and insightful.

Fran is wise beyond her years. Her directness and habit of putting her foot in it can be both awkward and amusing. But are ultimately endearing. What she lacks in tact and social skills, she more than makes up for in warmth, friendliness and kindness.

I really enjoyed this book. The whole cast of characters feel alive and the writer has created a whole community. I loved the country fair scenes and Hattie’s vegetable animals are hilarious.

Tom’s mum, Joan, is a fabulous character. She’s wise and caring and her not-so-secret relationship with Rev George is brilliant. It’s nice to see older, grandma characters who still have lives of their own.

This was such an enjoyable, book. It was perfect for a snuggly, pyjama day. It’s 500 pages long but felt much shorter. It was a really engaging novel ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Get a copy of The Mysterious Miss Mayhew at:

Waterstones: click here

Amazon.co.uk: click here

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