Library Fridays – Superhero Hotel

Superhero Hotel

By Abie Longstaff and Migy Blanco

Published by Scholastic

What’s it about?

Even superheroes need a holiday.

When you need a break from saving the world you head to Joe Maloe’s Superhero Hotel. All you needs are catered for, gadgets fixed and suits cleaned while you relax. That is until you get bored. Then the superhero guests start helping with the gardening and cause a disaster that you need a team of superheroes to solve.

What we think:

“I’m going to read this every night until I get bored of it,” said the Little Monster.

10 days in and it’s still top of the pile at bedtime and I have a feeling there will be a battle to get this one back to the library!

This is a fun, comic strip style book. The illustrations are really detailed and there is a lot to spot in the background of the pictures. The rooms in the hotel are great fun and we’ve had some very in depth conversations about what kind of toilets superheroes use.

The Little Monster really likes the fact that Joe Maloe is the only one who can see The Invisible Man.

Joe Maloe may be the kid, but he has his own superhero power – which is looking after his friends after their missions. We talked about how this made Joe kind and thoughtful and what a good super power that was. It’s one that a four year old can do.

This is a really enjoyable book. And it doesn’t rhyme so it stops bedtime from being a sing song.

If you want to visit Joe Maloe’s Superhero Hotel head to:

Waterstones: click here click here

Superhero Hotel
Meet Joe Maloe
Captain Power comes to stay
Trying to be helpful
Uh oh!
Joe Maloe is superhero too

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