Library Fridays – Ding Dong Gorilla

Ding Dong Gorilla

By Michelle Robinson and Leonie Lord

What it’s about?

Waiting for a pizza to be delivered, but when the door bell rings it’s not the pizza boy, it’s a very naughty gorilla.

He barges into the house and causes havoc.

Toys get tipped everywhere, he colours on the walls, picks all the flowers in the garden and plays football in the house. The really bad news is he eats all of the pizza.

The he leaves leaving the little boy to take all of the blame.

What we think:

Our local library is closed for refurbishment until the end of March so we had to visit another library in the borough which was very exciting as there were lots of different books to choose from and different toys to play with.

Gorillas are a favourite of the Little Monster so as soon as we spotted this it got added straight to our book bag.

The gorilla is really naughty which made the Little Monster laugh. His favourite part is when the gorilla dresses up in the mummy’s clothes because he looks so silly.

One of his nursery targets is to talk about the books we read and think about what might happen next and whatbis happening in the pictures and this is a great story for this.

There’s lots of little details in the illustrations to spot and discuss.

We had a big discussion about whether the gorilla was real or just in the boy’s imagination. The Little Monster thinks he’s definitely real. And wants to know when a gorilla is coming to play at our house 😄🦍

Ding Dong Gorilla is available from:

Waterstones: click here click here

Ding Dong Gorilla
Not the pizza!
The Little Monster’s favourite bit
Uh oh!
Who’s going to believe him now!

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