Popsugar Reading Challenge 2020: Book 6

Prompt: A book with a pink cover

Scouring my shelves, I didn’t actually have any unread books with pink covers – I was shocked I can tell you! But any excuse to grab a new book ๐Ÿ˜€ Picked up a copy of The Hygge Holiday by Rosie Blake. The cover is absolutely gorgeous – pretty and pink and gold and just lovely.

What it’s about?

Clara Kristensen, a Danish traveller, arrives in Yulethorpe. The village is struggling as businesses are closing and people are moving away. A chance encounter with local shop owner, Louisa, leaves Clara on a mission to turn the toyshop around.

Things are well until Louisa’s son Joe turns up in the village. City trader Joe is a workaholic and very suspicious of helpful, kind Clara.

The village is falling for Clara and her happier hygge lifestyle, but will Joe?

What I think?

This is the absolute perfect romantic read for a cold, stormy February.

Clara is all about hygge (pronounced hoo-ga)- the Danish concept of cosiness. She appreciates the small pleasures in life – good food, cosy blankets, morning walks and hot baths. She is a breath if fresh air to the village.

The toyshop sounds absolutely gorgeous and a dream place to spend time. The happiness the Clara brings to the shop and the town soon begins to spread. It’s amazing what a difference something small can make to people’s lives.

Joe is the classic rom-com hero – good looking arrogant, brooding but with a secret insecure, squishy side which means you can’t help but like him. His city life is making him utterly miserable and its only when he starts to see that there may be an alternative he starts to relax and get his own hygge on.

Of course there are all kinds of happy endings – no surprises there. Funny best friends, quirky neighbours, misunderstandings – it’s all there, but this is all just delicious escapism and makes you want to move to Yulethorpe.

This is lovely charming book. Quirky characters, cheeky pets and some genuinely funny scenes. It’s hygge in a book. I definitely recommend it if you need a cosy read this winter.

If you want to snuggle up with The Hygge Holiday head to:

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