Popsugar Reading Challenge: Book 46

Prompt: A book about someone with a superpower

As with space, superpowers are not my thing. I don’t mind a classic Superman but I do get at all excited about the bug superhero franchise films. I can never remember who they all are or what they can do! So this was another initially unappealing prompt. But the August “Let the Games Begin” box from The Book Box Club featured The Beckoning Shadow by Katharyn Blair which was the perfect choice.

What it’s about?

17 year old Vesper seems an unlikely run away. Smart, pretty, a cheerleader from a loving family. But Vesper is also an Oddity, a person with a superpower. Vesper’s power means she can reach inside people and release their deepest fears. A power that destroys her family.

Vesper ends up in California fighting for a chance to change the past, battling against other Oddities in the deadly Tournament of the Unravelling.

What I think:

This was an action packed, fast paced read. Vesper is smart, independent and traumatised. She feels responsible for the tragedy that changed life for her family and cannot forgive herself.

Vesper is on a journey of self-discovery. She is learning exactly what her powers are and more importantly how she can control them. The discovery of a group of other Oddities helps her regain her confidence and build friendships.

Vesper’s relationship with Sam develops naturally and despite her misgivings she is increasingly drawn to him. His grief over the death of his Oddity girlfriend is deep and genuine.

The plot develops around Vesper’s entry into the Tournament of the Unravelling- a competition that would give her the opportunity to change the past for her family or bring back Sam’s lost love.

The book is a cross-between X-Men and The Hunger Games. Vesper’s training and preparation for the tournament is tough and vigorous but also contains elements of humour and allows the different characters to develop.

The climax of the book is pacey, thrilling and reveals more complex layers to the world of the Oddities. The book is perfectly poised for another installment.

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