Library Fridays – Mighty Small

Mighty Small

By Timothy Knapman and Rosie Reeve

Published by Oxford University Press

What it’s about?

Max Small is a mouse with a secret. Max is really Mighty Small Superhero. He had a mask, a cape and even wears his underpants outside his trouser. He just hasn’t found out what his super power is yet.

One day the circus comes to town. And while everyone is busy applauding the parade, the performers are robbing the bank. Mighty Small is the only one to notice. Is he brave enough to stop Mr Big and save the town?

What we think:

The Little Monster is obsessed with superheroes at the moment. All of his games are rescues, the Christmas tree has been turned into a festive HQ, and he only wears his coat as a cape! 😆

As soon as he spotted Mighty Small in the library it went straight into the book bag without a second thought.

What I really like about this book is that Mighty Small doesn’t really have any superpowers. He’s just brave and quick-thinking and never gives up which things everyone can be.

He outwits the bad guys and remains humble – taking just enough of the reward to buy some new sparkly superhero pants.

We’ve been shouting “Baddie Pants Beware” all day!

This is a fun and imaginative story and I’m sure the Little Monster will incorporate some of the elements into his own imaginative play and rescues.

If you want to shout “Baddie Pants Beware” just like Mighty Small, head to:

Waterstones: click here click here

Mighty Small
Superheroes come in all sizes!
Baddie Pants Beware!
Super circus villains are defeated!
Glitter pants!
The Little Monster and Mighty Small

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