One More Cuddle

One More Cuddle

By Ronnie Randall and illustrated by Suzanne Khushi

Published by Igloo Boks

One More Cuddle is the perfect bedtim story for sleepy toddlers.

Little Mouse is exhauted but doesn’t want to go to sleep. He tries all of the tricks to stay up for as long as possible. He has a bath, a snack, a drink, a story and a lullaby. Just when Mrs Mouse thinks he is fast asleep she hears a pitter-patter on the stairs and Little Mouse is back down.

This is a familiar situation for all parents so I have a lot of empathy for Mrs Mouse!

What we like about this book is that it is calm and gentle. It’s perfect for reading quietly and winding down before sleep.. Lots of pictures we read are funny and interactive so it’s important to end on a quiet story. It follows the average toddler routine so it’s very relatable and we often talk about which of the things we have done that are the same as the mice.

The Little Monster loves the one last cuddle and uses it as an excuse for one of his own.

The illustrations in this book are just gorgeous – the mice are really sweet.

If you want to have One More Cuddle with your own little mouse. pop to:

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One More Cuddle
Little Monster pretending to be asleep!
Milk before bed
Pitter patter
One More Cuddle Little Mouse